"This is not just another Yoga Retreat, it's an opportunity to learn valuable tools for life! Our Retreat Immersions are for those in seek of transformation and who want to be the very best version of themlseves."  - Karol De Souza

Hello there!

My name is Karol De Souza, hence KDS Yoga :) I have been teaching Yoga around the world since 2017.

For me Yoga is a way of life and it teaches me to live in  harmony with myself and the world around me. I like to say Yoga is a path to live a more conscious life. 

Our Yoga Classes and Retreat Immersions go beyond the physical aspect of Yoga. It's a personal development experience.. a place to learn valuable tools to be the best version of yourself! 

It takes a lot of courage to look within and work on yourself. The Yoga practice and some other personal development tools can facilitate this process and help you to live a more balanced and happy life.
"Transformation happens outside your comfort zone."

Let me guide you in your journey..


"Karol's lessons are truly a nutrition to the body and soul, she is able to read the students and offer each and everyone exactly what they need! I always leave the lessons feeling reinvigorated, jolly and with a quiet mind... Her deep knowledge and care are felt throughout her teachings." - Clara Pizarro, Brazil


KDS Yoga Retreats

This is not just another Yoga Retreat, it's a personal development experience! Our Retreat immersions are a collection of tools collected in different experiences around the world, which will help you to be more in touch with yourself and in better balance with the world around you. It can be a life changing experience, a different perspective about life and an opportunity to grow as a person!

We handpick the most beautiful locations around Europe to host people joining from all over the world! Th
is is an opportunity for you to rest and recharge your body & mind from daily work and personal life stress. It's really a gift you give to yourself!

Expect a beautiful and unique stay, delicious local sourced vegetarian food catered by professional chefs, workshops, sunsets, and plenty of time to have fun, rest and enjoy yourself..


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You made it easy to be brave (to share and work on ourselves) by providing such a loving and trusting atmosphere... I would definitely come back because I'm sure I could learn so much from it again! " - Jeannine, Switzerland


KDS Online Yoga

It’s incredible how many people say they’d like to live a more balanced and healthier lifestyle, but don't have the time or don't know how to start..

Our online program offers the perfect structure so you can stay motivated day by day and keep track of your progress. Besides saving you time of travelling to a studio, the classes are short and pre-recorded so it can fit your schedule at any time of the day!
Each program was carefully put together and inspired by my real life experience with my students in studios and retreats I have taught all around the world! See the programs we offer below, and get in touch if you have any questions.
I hope you're ready to take this step towards a happier and healthier life! 

"For me Karol's classes are a moment of finding back my balance and inner peace! I am grateful that I found her and I hope she continues spreading her words of wisdom as I feel she has a true talent!" - Joanna Ganne, Poland

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