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My name is Karol De Souza I have been teaching Yoga classes and retreats around the world since 2017.
For me Yoga is a way of life and it teaches me how to live in  harmony with myself and the world around me. I like to say Yoga is a path to live a more conscious life. 
My Yoga Classes and Retreat Immersions go beyond the physical aspect of Yoga. They are a Personal Development experience, a way to learn valuable tools for life and be the best version of yourself! 
"Transformation happens outside your

comfort zone."
Let me guide you in your journey..

Hello there!

"Karol's lessons are truly a nutrition to the body and soul, she is able to read the class's vibe and offer exactly what the students need. I always leave the lessons feeling reinvigorated, jolly and with a quiet mind... Her deep knowledge and care are felt throughout her teachings."


Clara Pizarro, Portugal

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Yoga Retreats

Our Retreat immersions are a collection of tools from different experiences around the world, which will help you to be more in touch with yourself and relate more harmoniously with the world around you. It can be a transforming experience, a different perspective about life and an opportunity to grow as a person! We chose the most beautiful locations in Europe and more recently to host people joining from all over the world! This is an opportunity for you to rest and recharge your body & mind from daily work and personal life stress. It's really a gift you give to yourself! Beside yoga and personal development workshops you can expect delicious local sourced vegetarian food, sunsets, nature walks and plenty of time to have fun, rest and enjoy yourself..