My journey started when I was eight years old, my father as a former Chiropractor and breath work facilitator has taught me from a very young age about mindfulness and healthy living. My childhood prepared the terrain for self-discovery in my adulthood.

When I was fifteen I tried Yoga for the first time. That was back in 2004 and Yoga was very popular in Brazil. Although my practice wasn't very consistent the philosophy of this way of living was very present in my life. 

I left my home country when I was seventeen. In between living abroad and coming home to visit I spent most of my adulthood living overseas. I studied International Business in Australia, career I followed for three years before quitting my job and travelling to India for the first time to study Yoga and Ayurvedic massage. 

My first travel to India was in 2017. Back then my only purpose to study Yoga was do deepen my practice. I spend three months in India travelling, practicing and studying while falling in love with teaching. In that same year I got offered a job as a Yoga teacher in a retreat centre in Ericeira, Portugal. Following the dream to teach and travel I lived in Costa Rica, backpacked around Central and South America, returned to India and Nepal to study Yoga Therapy and Meditation to finally then come back to Portugal where I am based today.

Since living in Portugal I started experimenting with other personal development tools. As always, I was fortunate to come across great teachers not only in my Yoga practice and teaching but also in other therapies that promote emotional healing, self-discovery and helped me access my full potential as a human and teacher. Recently I finished my studies in NLP (neurolinguistics programming) and have been since then using this valuable tool as a complement to my retreats.


In 2020 I created The Conscious Living Retreat, this retreat was a dream come true to me. I was able to put together all my experiences around the world, the best of all that I learned along those years in a compacted form. It's been a fulfilling job to finally be able to help people in their personal development process.

I hope this inspires you to start your journey with me..