Yoga Immersion

Ericeira, Portugal

25 - 27 November 2022

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What is this retreat about?

This retreat was a co-creation between Karol De Souza and Emilie Sabbe both passionate teachers and soulful yogis looking to share their knowledge on Yoga & Personal Development through this Yoga Immersion. This experience was created for intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners looking into getting deeper into their yoga practice and dive within themselves to reconnect with their inner peace. We will be exploring through classes and workshops themes like alignment, pranayama, meditation, mindful eating, journalling, and other tools to develop your yoga practice. This experience will bring deep transformation not only in your asana practice but all areas of your yogic life.

Meet your hosts Karol & Emilie!


Karol & Emilie have a very similar journey in their yoga and personal development path. They both have discovered at a very young age through their parents about physical and mental health through self-awareness, meditation and an active lifestyle. 


Emilie’s mother is a yoga teacher and they used to spend a lot of hours on the mat together and with time that started to arise Emilie’s interest in the fascinating world of yoga. That interest led her to get a masters degree in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy and later on her two-year teacher training in Critical alignment.


Karol’s father is a chiropractor and breathwork facilitator. And since the age of around 8 her father taught her different breathing and meditation techniques, spoke about things like dealing with negative emotions, awareness and being present all in a very fun and relatable way for a child. At the age of 16 Karol started her yoga practice, but only after getting her university degree in International Business did Karol decide to follow her career as a yoga teacher. Karol studied Hatha, Vinyasa and Yoga therapy for two consecutive long seasons in India and has travelled the world teaching at various yoga centres before settling in Portugal.


Emilie & Karol met at a yoga retreat in Portugal in 2021 and the similarities of their stories and complementary styles they teach brought them to create this unique experience together. They both agree and live by the motto that yoga is a journey of constant change. A yoga pose is more than just a few movements; you increase not only your own body awareness but awareness of how you live life and how you interact with the world around you.


About Vinyasa Flow & Critical Alignment..

Although at first glance these two styles seem like they teach opposite things they’re actually very complementary to each other enhancing and maximizing the benefits of both practices. 


Both Vinyasa Flow and Critical Alignment are contemporary styles of yoga while the first emphasizes freedom of movement and creative expression of the body through the postures the latter focus on alignment and break through habitual posture to build up a correct asana in a very complete and holistic approach.


What’s more both practices focus on awareness of the body, breath and mindfulness. With the support of Critical Alignment your practice can become safer and you can enjoy the full therapeutic benefits that a yoga practice can offer, while using this knowledge to explore your boundaries in a free flow of breath and movement in Vinyasa Flow.


This retreat is for all the yoga lovers who would like to deepen their knowledge and dive DEEP WITHIN themselves, reconnect with their true nature through an immersion of yoga, breath and meditation practice.


What's the daily schedule like?



  3pm/Check in

5pm/Journalling + Restorative Yoga with Karol



  7.30ampm/Meditation with Emilie

8am/Critical Alignment with Emilie


12pm/Nature Walk

2pm/Cooking Workshop with Karol + Mindful eating

5pm/Workshop Critical Alignment with Emilie


8.30pm/Journalling + Yoganidra with Karol


  7.30am/Meditation with Karol

8am/Vinyasa Flow with Karol


11am/Check out

12pm/Closing Circle



The retreat will take place at Casa Paço Dilhas, in the outskirts of this beautiful fisherman village called Ericeira. It is just 35 minutes away from Lisbon airport, and its surrounded by lush green landscapes and the Atlantic Ocean.


This heritage 19th century Bed & Breakfast sits on a hilltop a few steps away from one the most famous and beautiful surging beaches in the whole Europe and only 5 minutes away from the village centre. Everyday you get to discover a charming little corner in their 2500sqm garden, enjoy the sunshine by two beautiful vintage style pools (yes it's still warm in November if you get lucky!), relax and eat our dinner in front of the cosy main house in the warmth of the fire pit. This place is an absolute gem and one of the best stays in the whole of Portugal!


What's the investment I'm making on myself?

This retreat is like a gift you give to yourself, an investment that will bring you a valuable life experience!

The retreat fee covers 2 nights of accommodation in a twin or triple room (single rooms available on request), all the meals over the weekend (breakfast, lunch & dinner), all the daily classes, activities and workshops.

Transfers from and to the airport and optional massages are not included in the price (but can be arranged). 


Your spot will be confirmed upon 50% deposit (click below) and the remaining to be settled 2 weeks before arrival (via PayPal).


We do not grant refunds but if you cancel within 30 days notice you can use your deposit for any future retreats.

Spots are limited to 15 persons, to guarantee availability make your deposit by clicking below.