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A quick guideline to understanding the 7 chakras

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

What are Chakras?

Before we define Chakras and explore the meaning of each one of them it is essential that you understand one thing: YOU ARE ENERGY! Every living thing on earth is made of energy. Having that in mind we can try to visualise better what the chakras are by using some pictures to help you understand their location and how they work.

Chakras are energy centres within the human body. Making sure these energy centres are working properly (not blocked or unbalanced) is essential to keep you psychologically, emotionally, physically and spiritually balanced. These energy centres are positioned throughout the body, but today we are going to talk about the 7 main Chakras that are located from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each of them having its own vibrational frequency, coloraturas and governs specific functions.

The Chakras work like spinning wheels in constant movement, when a Chakra is blocked and/or unbalanced this vibration or movement might slow down, speed up or stop completely. The picture below is a simplified version of the spinning wheels, since you are new to this concept, sometimes its easier to understand or even visualise it during your Chakra meditation.

Muladhara or Root Chakra

It’s located at the base of the spine, more precisely the pelvic floor. The colour of this Chakras is red and it governs our most basic necessities or survival. This includes food, shelter and family (emotional support). When balanced it provides a sense of balance, grounding and stability. When unbalanced can cause anxiety disorders, addiction and eating disorders, bladder and elimination problems.

Svadhistana or Sacral Chakra

It’s located half way between the pubic bone and the navel. The colour of this Chakra is orange and it governs our sexual energy and procreation. The ability to procreate is a very feminine energy, not only related to the ability to create a life (a baby) but also all forms of creative expression: art, cooking, gardening, solving problems, creating something and also the ability to feel pleasure and joy. When unbalanced can cause emotional instability, sexual dysfunction, reproductive issues, low libido, depression, kidney dysfunction and inability to express emotions & desires.

Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra

It’s located in between the navel and the breast bone. The colour of this Chakra is yellow and it governs our source of personal power and the sense of “I” or the ego. It also controls the metabolism and digestion. When balanced it can give you confidence, motivation and sense of purpose. When unbalanced can come out as over the top confidence (the ego) or anger issues. Or the completely opposite, like low self-esteem, fear of rejection and difficulty in decision making. Furthermore can cause digestive problems and slow metabolism.

Anahata or Heart Chakra

It’s located in the centre of the chest. The colour of this Chakra is green and it’s where the physical (below Chakras) and spiritual (above Chakras) meet. It governs the heart, thymus gland, lungs and lymphatic system. When balanced, you are flowing with love, compassion & forgiveness, towards others but also yourself. When out of balance it can give way to grief, anger, jealousy, fear of betrayal and hatred. Letting go of the past, hurt and resentment is the way to open this Chakra.

Vishuddha or Throat Chakra

It’s located in the area of the throat. The colour of this Chakra is light blue and it governs communication and the thyroid gland. When balanced we are at easy the communicating our ideas, needs and desires in a very gentle way, without hurting anybody. When choosing to speak one should always ask yourself: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? When out of balance we tend to avoid confrontation, “swallowing our words and thoughts in order to keep others happy. This can lead to chronic sore throats and thyroid dysfunctions.

Ajna or Third Eye Chakra

It’s located in the space in between the eyebrows. The colour of this Chakra is a deep blue, known as Indigo blue. It governs the pituitary gland, eyes and the lower part of the brain. It’s known to be the centre of our intuition or as we say our “third eye”. When out of balance we can feel lost and disconnected, without sense of direction, listening only to our thoughts rather than our “inner wisdom”. Also problems with the eyes or sinuses.

Sahasrara or Crown Chakra

It’s located on the crown of the head. The colour of this Chakra is lilac or light purple and it governs our spiritual connection. It is the gate to the universal knowledge and the source of spiritual enlightenment. When we are pure awareness and bliss.

How to balance the Chakras?

We can use Yoga as a tool to unblock or balance our Chakras. If you observe you have a particular Chakra you would like to work on you can have a sequence specific to open the Chakra in question. Also you can use the Chakra meditation as a complement to your Yoga practice. Check out our video library for the Chakra Meditation and our classes The Chakra Series.

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