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Every New Year is a Fresh Start

For every new year I like to create a little ritual to close the page and set my intentions for the year ahead. Every new year is a new cycle that starts and a new opportunity to give your life a fresh start and a new purpose. It's also a time that we can take to review everything that we learned the previous year with our experiences, mistakes, people who came across our lives, and so on. Finally we can let go of what doesn't serve us anymore so we can move forward that little bit lighter.

Here is my questions guideline to setting the right foot into the new year by simply answering them in your diary. Not in your head, not on your laptop, but handwritten. This is a crucial point to this process. Give yourself time to reflect and answer each one of those questions, don't rush through them, I promise you it will give you great insights!

  • What are you currently holding on to that's no longer serving you (eg a person, a job, a habit, etc)? What can you do to help you let go completely or one small step you can take towards that direction of letting go?

  • Whats the biggest lesson you learned in the last year? How can you continue applying this lesson to your life next year?

  • What's an important boundary you would like to set for next year (with others and/or with yourself)?

  • What's your goal for making change in your life? Set at least one internal goal (something you're working on yourself) and on external goal (an achievement in some other area in your life).

Have your answers in hand, so from time to time you can remind yourself of them. Then every year you can check with yourself how much you have accomplished and what stopped you from accomplishing your goals so you can realign your life to your true values and make sure you stay on the right track of the life you wish for yourself!

Just a kind reminder, you and you alone are in charge of your life. Stop blaming others for things not going the way you want, the only person you can change is yourself, less complaining and more action for 2022!

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