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How to CHANGE old habits that you ARE NOT HAPPY with?

Change old patterns and habits with the power of NLP!

Did you know that only about 5% of what we think happens in the conscious mind? All the other 95% is happening in a deeper layer that we hardly have access to! That's what NLP (neurolinguistics programming) works on, they say NLP is “the language of the subconscious mind”.

Sometimes you might wonder why you can't stop snoozing in the morning, eating sugar or exploding when people make you upset, or any of the things that once you have been determined to stop and failed! It is very difficult to change lifetime habits and old patterns with will power. Because will power is just that 5% of the conscious mind that we were talking about. Real change has a better chance of happening if change happens in our subconscious mind. That part of our brain that we think we don’t have control over… well WE DO!

I have been practicing yoga since I was 16 years old, that’s about 17 years since yoga came into my life. It is a lifetime dedication, a way of living.. of course within the course of those 17 years I was able to make many changes! With the power of discipline, determination, habit and practice. It is a conscious, but slow process.

Seeing the struggle of my new students, friends and family besides my own struggle with some shitty habits I had a hard time getting rid of, or even at times failing at changing my reaction to some negative situations I decided I needed more tools that I could add to my yogi lifestyle.

When I heard about neurolinguistics and neuroplasticity (the capacity to change your brain’s connections) I was like I have to learn that! And so I did. I have recently graduated from the International NLP Institute in Lisbon and I can't wait to show you what I have learned!

I know from experience most of you come to a personal development retreat because you want to CHANGE something you ARE NOT HAPPY WITH. A lot of you feel incapable and frustrated because you have tried many times and feel like you have failed.

I am not promising any magic potions, BUT I am gonna give you some more tools to help you with your journey in personal development. To change that habit of yours that keeps pulling you back in life, or that family pattern you absolutely hate but cannot get rid of, or even something as silly as being afraid of speaking in public. You can do it!

So hop on this bus and let’s get on this journey together! We have our next THE CONSCIOUS LIVING RETREAT just around the corner check out the upcoming dates!

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