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Quinoa & Red Cabbage Thai Salad

You get home and it's already too late for lunch, but still too early for dinner although you would still like to get a light meal in? This is an easy, light and fresh lunch option for you to make in those days, wether the wether is too hot to eat something cooked, or wether you just feel too lazy to spend too much time in the kitchen, I promise you this will just do it! No cooking experience needed ;)


1/4 small red cabbaged

1 small to medium sized carrot

1 cup of cooked quinoa (al dente for best results)

1 cup fresh coriander (or parsley if you're not a fan of coriander)

1/2 lime juice

1 tblsp fish sauce (optional, skip this if you're vegan)

2 tblsp toasted sesame oil

1/2 cup roasted unsalted peanuts


Chopp the veggies however you like. I did mine in thin long strips (julienne is it?). Then in a bowl add all the remaining ingredients and give it a good toss with your hand until everything is evenly coated with the juices. Adjust the salt to your liking, you can serve it with some avocado slices on top for extra creaminess.

Couldn't get any easier than this right? Enjoy!!

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