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200hr Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Ericeira, Portugal

1- 21 December 2023



7am/Herbal Tea 

7.30/Asana, Pranayama & Meditation

(with Karol & Satya)

9.30am/Breakfast Time 

11.00am/Yoga Anatomy

(with Emilie)

12.30pm/Yoga Philosophy Lecture

(with Rohit)


2.30pm/Self Study 

3.30pm/Cleaning And Karma Yoga 

4pm/Asana Alignment, Adjustment And Practical Training

(with Karol & Satya)

6pm/Meditation (with Karol & Satya)


What to expect from this teacher training?

Karol and Satya met in India in 2019, since then they have been following and praising each other's journey on Yoga practice and teaching. In 2022 they decided to join forces to create a 200hr Teacher Training in Portugal that would combine both of their approaches. On one side Satya, from India living and directing his own Yoga school in Rishikesh (the world capital of Yoga). Satya teaches traditional Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and Yoga Alignment. He's also plays the harmonica and is an enthusiastic Kirtan singer.

On the other side, Karol originally from Brazil but since five years residing in Portugal, teaching yoga, running and directing her own Yoga & Personal Development retreats in Europe and around the world since 2017. Karol teaches the art of creative and intuitive Vinyasa Flow, Pranyama and Yoga Alignment. Karol also has a Bachelor in International Business at Griffith University of Australia, a Diploma in Neurolinguistics (NLP) studies and is continuously studying and researching about the human subconscious mind. She's also an enthusiastic vegan food chef, a passionate surfer, world traveller and nature lover.

The theme of this YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course) is exactly what it says, the ancient knowledge and traditional approach of the East meets the science and modern knowledge of the West. The perfect union of East and West, bringing on a varied knowledge and a balanced approach to teaching.

Main Teacher

IMG_7308 20.14.36.jpg

Karol De Souza
Vinyasa Flow, Pranayama & Yoga Alignment

Karol De Souza journey in holistic therapies started very early in life, from about the age of eight her father taught her different breathing and meditation techniques, spoke about things like dealing with negative emotions, awareness and being in the present; all in a very fun and relatable way for a child.


At the age of sixteen (2004) Karol started her Yoga practice in her hometown. Later on Karol has moved to Australia to get her Bachelor University Degree in International Business and a few years later she decided to quit her work and follow her passion for Yoga. Karol has visited India twice for long seasons to study Hatha, Vinyasa, Yoga Therapy and Meditation. But she didn't stop there, her curiosity for all things related to spirituality and the human subconscious mind took her to study Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP) and more recently she's been dedicating herself to studying other tools for self awareness and personal development.


After years travelling and teaching around the world Karol has settled in a small coastal town in Portugal where the teacher training will take place.

Main Teacher


Satyanarayan Jha
Hatha Yoga, Pranayama & Yoga Alignment

Satyanarayan Jha is the founder of Satya Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, India and an enthusiastic teacher of traditional Hatha Yoga.

At an early age, Satya moved to Rishikesh to pursue his life of Yoga. He discovered many opportunities to learn and grow into this vast field of knowledge. Satya came to know many of yoga disciplines such as ashtanga, vinyasa and hatha, but deep inside he had always been searching for the reality of life and its mysteries.

Apart from having a natural flair for  science of life and its mysteries, Satya has completed his YTTC 200 in Rishikesh to document his credentials in Yoga Teaching and has additionally completed a Diploma in Yoga at Maharsi Mahesh Yogi Vedic University, M.P, India.

As he grew into his knowledge and experience, he taught Yoga at many Yoga schools in Rishikesh. He still teaches in Rishikesh and his classes are loved by people from all age groups. In the year 2018, he got  to chance visit Europe where he conducted several Yoga Teaching Trainings which brought to him international experience, acclaim and excellence. He is naturally gifted in Hatha Yoga and his experience is growing deeper in other branches of Yoga for his well- being as an individual and as a Yoga Teacher.

“Yoga is a key which opens up the inner door, once the door is open you receive unlimited knowledge lying within you.”

Check more about Satya's Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, India, on the link here.


The retreat will take place at Casa Paço Dilhas, in the outskirts of this beautiful fisherman village called Ericeira in Portugal. It is located just 35 minutes away from Lisbon airport, and its surrounded by lush green landscapes one step away from the wild Atlantic Ocean.


This heritage 19th century Bed & Breakfast sits on a hilltop overlooking one the most famous and beautiful surf beaches in Europe, Ribeira Dilhas, and only 5 minutes drive from the village centre of Ericeira. Everyday you get to discover a charming little corner in their 2500sqm garden, enjoy the sunshine by two beautiful vintage style pools, relax and eat our dinner in front of the cosy main house in the warmth of the fire pit. This place is an absolute gem and one of the best stays in the whole of Portugal! You can check Casa Paço D'Ilhas website here.

Guest Teacher


Rohit Kumar 
Yoga Philosophy & Meditation Teacher

Rohit comes from Bihar, India and holds an M.A. (Master in English Language and Literature) and LL.B. (Bachelor in Law) from Indian Universities. Literature, Metaphysics, Tantra and Yoga have been matters of interest in his life since young age. In the professional standard of Yoga education, he is an ERYT 500 Hours.

Several complicated health issues, some tangible experiences of life and many questions about life as a growing youth, brought Rohit into Yoga. Rohit says, “I received great help through Yoga in many ways and even now I live because of Yoga”. Continuous practice of Yoga and academic studies – both went hand in hand. With a lot of inner conflicts regarding which way to follow, eventually he went ahead with Yoga. Having started Yoga classes at Yoga Sansthan (a Yoga Ashram) in his hometown, BegusaraiBihar, on invitation he visited several places to disseminate the principles of Yoga along with its practices. 

In 2016 he journeyed to Europe where being resident in Sweden he travelled for classes to many countries of European Union such as NetherlandsGermany etc. of which Germany was one of the most successful of all his tours as his classes there, on Kriya Yoga were held in higher esteems. Rohit admits about himself – “I am but a Yogabhyasi (Yoga practitioner) only and never a teacher. I serve without reserve my experiences of the practices up to my level.”

Guest Teacher

Screenshot 2022-05-23 at 16.45.54.png

Emilie Sabbe
Yoga Anatomy & Critical Alignment

Emilie Sabbe journey into the world of yoga started at the young age. Her mum, a former yoga teacher herself, taught her about the importance of a healthy relationship between physical and mental well-being. They would spent a lot of hours on the yoga mat together, which only increased Emilie's interest in the fascinating world of yoga. 

The many challenging postures also whetted her interest in the human body, which led her to a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy. This degree has increased her knowledge of anatomical structures, movement patterns and understanding of the human body. Which is a great asset when teaching and building up yoga classes correctly. The two-years teacher training in Critical Alignement also opened up a whole new world of interesting insights to Emilie. 

Emilie already currently hosts Yoga Retreat Immersions with Karol in Portugal, in the same place where the training will take place. But when not teaching in Portugal, you can find Emilie teaching and directing her own yoga studio Yoga Nirmla in the heart of Bruges, Belgium.

Shared Room with Shared Bathroom

Stay in a single or bunk bed and share the room with one or two persons.

Private Room with Shared Bathroom

Stay in a single or double bed private room and share the bathroom with two or three persons.