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Testimonials Teacher Training


"Joining this ytt was the best decision I could have ever made for myself. This is so much more than a teacher training. you get to reconnect with yourself, challenge yourself and grow on so many levels. All the joy, knowledge & light I got in these 3 weeks, I hope to keep them with me and share them with the people I cherish and with the people that I will teach in the future too. I really loed the way the training was structured and that we got to experience both a traditional and modern way of teaching yoga. Karol, Satya and the guest teachers were so inspiring and taught us so much. They taught us the yogic way of living, which goes beyond the mat. The location is a gem and the food was amazing! I'll keep all these beautiful memories close to my heart!"

- Manon, Belgium

"This TTC was a wonderful experience. I learned so much and grew on a personal level! The mix between the traditional and modern approach was wonderful. Karol and Satya are great teachers who do everything with so much love. Thank you so much for everything!"

- Annik, Switzerland


"Those three weeks were everything... emotional, challenging, happy, intense, loving! Three weeks of building a stronger self, three weeks of building new friendships, three weeks of an experience you can't put into words! Satya and Karol were the perfect teachers, the wonderful match of East and West. They made us feel welcome and capable of everything, pushing us to another limit, giving us support and a feeling of family. The food was more than magic! Casa Paço D'Ilhas was indeed a home away from home. Thank you so much for this, I'd do it again and again.

- Laura, Germany

"Karol and Satya created such a unique teaching experience combining their different approaches to teaching and supporting us to create our own teachjing style. Casa Paço D'ilhas is a beautiful and peaceful place, with a view to the sea, lots of nature around and lovely warm staff. The food was simply out of this world delicious. I'm feeling so inspired to continue my yoga journey and share what I have learned back home."

- Danielle, Israel


"I came with an open heart without knowing what to expect from this. But what those 21 days brought me was more than I could ever imagine. Karol & Satya created a safe bubble for us to learn and be the best version of ourselves. This TTC is not only about becoming a teacher, it is the beginning of a journey to yourself."

- Simone, Germany

"A truly authentic experience that has expanded my knowledge and provided lots of opportunities to grow, not just physically, but also mentally. Forever grateful to Karol & Satya for this wonderful wholesome experience."

- Michelle, Uk


"I was considering taking a yoga teacher training since almost three years and I couldn't have been happier with my choice. East Meets West, the title couldn't be more accurate! Karol and Satya build the perfect symbiosis and both provided so much support during their teachings. They also provided a safe and energetic environment for everyone to feel welcome and discover their true path to themselves through yoga. Forever grateful!"

- Daniel, Germany

"I can heartedly recommend this course with Karol and Satya. I had three very special weeks in which I developed not only in my yoga practice but also as a person. I am very grateful to have been part of this!"

- Claudia, Germany


"The YTT was wonderful, I couldn't have wished for anything better! I loved the combination of the two teachers, of traditional and modern yoga. All the effort and work put in these three weeks paid off and I've learned so much. Thank you!"

- Jule, Germany

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