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Testimonials Teacher Training


"Satya is a very special teacher. He combines a serious spiritually oriented approach to yoga with a relaxed friendly and pleasant approach to everyone and his teaching style reflects both these approaches. It is not a surprise to see that Satya has been invited to teach in many countries. We would recommend Satya to anyone who is serious about learning or expanding their yoga practice."

- Paul Donohoe, Australia

"Karol's lessons are truly a nutrition to the body and soul, she is able to read the class's vibe and offer exactly what the students need and I always leave the lessons feeling reinvigorated, jolly and with a quiet mind... Her deep knowledge and care are felt throughout her teachings."

- Clara Pizarro, Portugal


Satya is an amazing teacher! I really enjoyed his Asana and Pranayama Yoga classes and would highly recommend to all. He is very knowledgeable and holds so space beautifully and is super attentive to everyone in the teacher training, I felt seen and supported throughout my practice. I look forward to attending your class again, thank you Satya! 

- Gitte Grove, France

For me Karol's classes are a moment of finding back my balance and inner peace! I am grateful that I found her.. I hope she continues spreading her knowledge and words of wisdom as I feel she has a true talent!

Thank you Karol!

- Joanne Ganne, Poland


"I have had an amazing experience with Satya Yoga Academy. And especially with Satyananda. Words are limited in describing the connection we have established. His knowledge grows far, his roots run deep and his smile is wide! No matter the challenges ahead, he keeps approaching everything with positivity. For this one must know wisdom and have found ways to challenge life the same as it does him. In Yoga he found his solace and guidance to share the love of which he has plenty! One finds rarely beauty like this in people. Forever I am grateful to his teachings, the school, the beautiful souls it attracts and the love you receive. I would recommend a course with them to anyone. Very curious to see what the future will hold, and with the biggest enthusiasm I vouch for a wonderful experience with Satyananda and the yoga school!"

- Daan de Jong, Netherlands

"Karol is very passionate about teaching yoga. You can feel it in the way she adjusts her students, the tone of her voice, her care and attention. Karol makes a yoga class feel much more than just putting yourself in a certain posture. Her words of inspiration and knowledge remind me every class how important it is to stop and be present. Thank you Karol for sharing your knowledge!"

- Bruna Rezende, Portugal


I have a lot of gratitude. I had an unforgettable experience in the teacher training, Satya is exceptional! Satya and all the teachers give and lead us to surpass ourselves.
From beautiful souls that I had a hard time leaving and that I hope to see again as soon as possible. I obviously advise anyone who wants to to do a yoga teacher training to choose Satya!

- Romy Desbois, France

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