Yoga, Surf & Culture Immersion

Imsouane, Morocco

17 - 22 January 2023

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What is this retreat about?

This is not just another Surf & Yoga retreat.. Every retreat is created with an element of uniqueness, from the choice of location and accommodation, to the program that brings different elements to self - discovery and personal development. Every retreat is like a baby to me, where I create an experience to make a change in people's life, hoping that they will feel EMPOWERED to change and live their best life.

This retreat in Morocco will also be a cultural immersion, our retreat location used to be a fisherman house and today it has this home feeling from all the love and dedication Theresa and Hamid poured into this place. The small village of Imsouane bay is a magical place, away from the hustle and bustle of touristic centres, it still holds the authentic Moroccan culture, where we will have daily interaction with the local community and their traditions. 


This is the first time I decide to include surf lessons in a retreat, because I never wanted to make surfing the star. Although surfing is a big part of my daily life I always wanted the main focus of our retreats to be personal development. I reconsidered this when I recently watched a movie about the connection surfing has with yoga and so I created this retreat inspired by these two experiences. They both can help us get out of our minds, be in the moment, practice focus and concentration, develop discipline, resilience... Improving your surfing will go along hand in hand with your personal development journey in our retreat in Morocco.

As usual with every retreat, our daily yoga practice and complementary workshops are carefully thought of with a  purpose to help you work on yourself, create awareness of patterns and focus on YOUR change. I believe we can go on and on about the things we would like to change on other people, or in the system, or even the world. It sounds a bit of cliche but the change starts within ourselves. Once you change the way you react to external situations, acting with more mindfulness and awareness, then you start seeing real changing happening all around you. 


Surfing and Yoga go hand in hand in this process of change, managing the frustrations that might come along the way in this development process, building up confidence, determination, presence... You start realising that everything is interconnected and that Yoga, like surfing, and also like personal development is a lifestyle. A journey without an end. I want to show you how to enjoy this process and incorporate it into your daily life.

My connection with the sea..

I was born in an island in south of Brazil, a famous surf destination with over 40 different surf spots. I grew up in the midst of this surf culture, my cousins were a few years older than me and started taking me to go surfing with them when I was 12 years old. My relationship with surfing got stronger when I lived in Australia for 6 years, another surf mecca, and it's proximity with Indonesia allowed me a few trips to Bali.

But only when I changed careers (read more about my professional timeline here) and moved to Portugal in 2019 that I felt surfing became a priority for me and for the first time I could have the lifestyle I had always dreamt of. Today I feel privileged to be able to go surfing whenever the waves are good. I can always work around my schedule and squeeze in a little surf everyday. Surfing for me is not just a sport, it's a way of living. And the more I surf, the more I realise how surfing and yoga are the perfect marriage in every way. The truth is, I would dare to say surfing comes even before yoga for me, it is the only place on earth my mind completely disconnects without effort.. I really I can't wait to share this passion with you!

What's the daily schedule like?



  3pm/Check in

6pm/Journalling + Restorative Yoga





     10.30am/Surf Lesson


3pm/Visit to the village of Imsouane + Dunes

6pm/Breathwork + Journalling 





10am/Trip to Essaouira + argan oil farm





10.30am/Surf Lesson

1pm/ Lunch

3pm/ Workshop Yoga Alignment

6pm/ Restorative Yoga + Yoganidra






10am/Surf Lesson


3pm/pottery (clay) workshop

8pm/Dinner + Closing Celebration




11am/Check out




The retreat will take place at The Ô, a remodelled fisherman sanctuary at the magic bay of Imsouane, the longest wave in Morocco. Our home for this retreat was recently renovated a few months ago to increase to the charm of the rooms and the carefully thought of decoration and coziness of every space of the common areas. From our rooftop yoga deck we have a full panoramic view of the ocean, there's almost a spiritual energy there, an authenticity that stands time and mass tourism in other places, it is truly a special place.

During your stay you will enjoy locally sourced food, respecting the seasons and what nature provides in the region. At The Ô, they follow the movement of Slow Food, a movement that focus on clean, locally prepared food that tastes good without harming the environment or your health. They share genuine interest in knowing from where it comes, who grows it, and the culture it represents. 

Those who practice Slow Food have one thing in common: an insatiable love for truly good food!


What's the investment I'm making on myself?

This retreat is like a gift you give to yourself, an investment that will bring you a valuable life experience!

The retreat fee covers 5 nights of accommodation in a twin or triple room (single rooms available on request), all the meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner), all the daily classes, activities, workshops and day trips. See more independent detail what you get:

5 nights in shared room

5 breakfast, 3 lunch, 5 dinner

1 trip to Essaouira + again oil farm

1 pottery (clay) workshop

5 Vinyasa Classes

2 Restorative Yoga Classes + Journalling

1 Breathwork Session

1 Yoga Alignment Workshop

3 Surf Lessons

1 Welcome Bag

Loads of fun guaranteed!

The lunch on the day we go to Essaouira is not included. We will be out and about in the markets and you can buy yourself whatever you wish to try. Transfer from and to the airport is not included but can be arranged for you when you let us know your flight details. Agadir and Essaouira are the nearest airports. If you wish to stay any extra days before or after the retreat this can be arranged as well.

Please let us know if you have any food allergies or restrictions at the time of booking.

Your spot will be confirmed upon 50% deposit (click below) and the remaining to be settled 2 weeks before arrival (via PayPal).


We do not grant refunds but if you cancel within 30 days notice you can use your deposit for any future retreats.

Spots are limited to 12 persons, to guarantee availability make your deposit by clicking below.