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Yoga, Surf & Culture Immersion

Imsouane, Morocco

16 - 21 January 2024



  3pm/Check in

6pm/Journalling + Slow Flow



  8am/Yoga + Meditation


     10.30am/Surf Lesson


3pm/Visit to the village of Imsouane + Coastal Walk

6pm/Breathwork + Journalling 



  8am/Yoga + Meditation


10.30am/Day Trip to Essaouira

(known for the best markets in Morocco)

7.30pm/Dinner back in Imsouane


8am/Yoga + Meditation


10.30am/Surf Lesson

1.30pm/ Lunch

6pm/ Restorative Yoga + Journalling




  8am/Yoga + Meditation


10.30am/Surf Lesson


4pm/pottery (clay) workshop

7.30pm/Dinner + Closing Celebration


8am/Yoga + Meditation


11am/Check out


Main Teacher


Karol De Souza
Vinyasa Flow, Breathwork & Restorative Yoga

Karol’s journey in holistic therapies started very early in life, from more or less the age of eight her father taught her different breathing and meditation techniques, spoke about things like dealing with negative emotions, awareness and being in the present; all in a very fun and relatable way for a child.


At the age of sixteen (2004) Karol started her Yoga practice in her hometown in south Brazil. Later on Karol moved to Australia to get her Bachelor University Degree in International Business and a few years later she decided to quit her work and follow her passion for Yoga. Karol has visited India twice for long seasons to study Hatha, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Meditation. But she didn't stop threre, her curiosity for all things related to spirituality and the human subconscious mind took her to study Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP) and more recently she's been dedicating herself to studying other tools for self awareness and personal development.


Karol has been teaching yoga, running and directing her own Yoga & Personal Development retreats in Europe and around the world since 2017. Karol teaches the art of creative and intuitive Vinyasa Flow, Pranyama, Yoga Alignment and also incorporates other tools to Personal Development to her retreat experiences; like journaling, breath work sessions, dynamic workshops in Nlp and more.


After years travelling and teaching around the world Karol has settled in a small coastal town in Portugal. Besides being a dedicated Yoga teacher she's also an enthusiastic vegan food chef, a passionate surfer, world traveller and nature lover.

What is this retreat about?


Every retreat is created with an element of uniqueness, from the choice of location and accommodation, to the program that brings different elements to self - discovery and personal development. This is like a baby to me, where I create an experience to make a change in people's life, hoping that they will feel EMPOWERED to live their best life.

In every retreat, our daily yoga practice and complementary workshops are carefully thought of with a  purpose to help you work on yourself, create awareness of patterns and focus on YOUR change. Surfing and Yoga go hand in hand in this process of change, managing the frustrations that might come along the way in this development process, building up confidence, determination, presence... You start realising that everything is interconnected and that Yoga, like surfing, and personal development is a lifestyle. A journey without an end. I want to show you how to enjoy this process and incorporate it into your daily life.


The retreat will take place at The Ô, a remodelled fisherman sanctuary at the magic bay of Imsouane, the longest wave in Morocco. From our rooftop yoga deck we have a full panoramic view of the ocean, there's almost a spiritual energy there, an authenticity that stands time and mass tourism in other places, it is truly a special place. 


During your stay you will enjoy locally sourced food, respecting the seasons and what nature provides in the region. At The Ô, they follow the movement of Slow Food, a movement that focus on clean, locally prepared food that tastes good without harming the environment or your health. They share genuine interest in knowing from where it comes, who grows it, and the culture it represents. 

Pottery Workshop


Ghislaine Segal

"The natural clay is collected from the mountains and mixed with wood ash just like they used to do back in the time. This authentic experience is incredibly grounding and will connect you with your creative inner child."

- quick introduction about African art and primitive pottery
- demonstration of the ancestral gesture of modeling
- accompaniment of the trainees in the various stages of elaboration of pottery
- Pause drying in the sun to harden the earth before moving forward or finishing the piece
- Finishing of the object

FAQ (frequently asked questions)...

What's included?

The retreat fee covers 5 nights of accommodation all the meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner), all the daily classes, activities, workshops and day trips


What's not included?

The lunch on the day we go to Essaouira is not included. We will be out and about in the markets and you can buy yourself whatever you wish to try. Transfer from and to the airport is not included but can be arranged for you when you let us know your flight details.

Visa fees and travel insurance is also your responsibility.


What's the nearest airport?

Agadir is the nearest airport. If you wish to stay any extra days before or after the retreat this can be arranged as well.

What's the level of yoga and surfing?

This is an open level retreat, meaning all levels of yoga practice and surfing are welcome. During the yoga lessons we offer flows that everyone can follow, with different variations for beginner to intermediate. We expect you to be familiar with names of simple postures to be able follow the class. The surf lessons will be divided into groups according to the surf level.

What's the food like?

The food provided is organic, locally sourced and vegetarian. 

Please let us know if you have any food allergies or restrictions at the time of booking (vegan, gluten free, etc)

How do I confirm my booking?

Your spot will be confirmed upon €550 deposit (click below) and the remaining to be settled on arrival. Your deposit is non refundable.


Shared Room + Shared Bathroom €1350

Private Room + Private Bathroom  €1950

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