Yoga & Personal Development 

Ericeira, Portugal

1- 6 October 2022


"One of the best retreats I ever attended!" - Nathalie, Austria

"Thank you for this experience, this retreat made a lot of things clear, it set me free and I feel that I am more open to myself and others.. Something shifted and I am forever grateful!" - Rachel, Belgium


What to expect from this Retreat? 

THIS IS NOT JUST ANOTHER YOGA RETREAT! This is a personal development experience, a safe place to learn new skills and tools to improve your life quality and be the absolute best version of yourself!

Living a more CONSCIOUS LIFE is part of a process of living in harmony with the environment around you and with yourself. Using Yoga practice and other personal development tools we will learn how we can build the life we want for ourselves.

This retreat was created for those in seek of transformation! During the course of 5 days I will share tools that helped me to create a better and happier life for myself. Besides, this will be an opportunity for you to rest and reset your mind & body from daily life stress.


In addition to our daily Yoga practice, Pranayama (breathing) and Meditation we will have workshops on specific topics like for example emotional intelligence, setting clear goals and life values, visualisations, etc. Every practice and workshop is carefully thought of with a higher purpose to help you in real life scenarios and work on yourself. We often use Neurolinguistics programming techniques and hands on exercises in our group dynamics. Read more about NLP here.


But don't worry! It's not just about hard work, we will also have plenty of time to take nature walks, go to the beach or explore the villages nearby!


We provide full board during the retreat, we have selected the most amazing chefs in town to serve you a mind blowing gastronomical experience! Almost all the produce we use is locally sourced from organic farms nearby, and whatever we can't source locally we make sure to be organic and fair trade. From the milk and spreads we serve during breakfast, to the vegan cheeses and delicious desserts, everything is homemade and carefully thought of to be the most CONSCIOUS CHOICE available. All the meals are vegan, special diets can be catered for if you let us know in advance.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You made it easy to be brave (to share and work on ourselves) by providing such a loving and trusting atmosphere... I would definitely come back because I'm sure I could learn so much from it again! " - Jeannine, Switzerland

"Thank you so so much! This retreat was the perfect balance between time for ourselves, yoga, workshops.. and food!
I wouldn't change anything about it! I specially loved the dynamic meditation, it was definitely my highlight!" - Laura Thiel, Germany

Meet our Guest Teacher


Dr Danielle Capella

Dr Danielle is a psychologist and reseracher of the human mind. Her areas of expertise include coaching, Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP), Emotional Intelligence, Entrepeneurship and management of emotions.

She will be giving a two hours workshop on Emotional Intelligence in our retreat.


This workshop will be very dynamic and hands on to help us process this information from an experience point of view learning how to access and manage our emotions with harmony and balance.

"It was a great experience to join this retreat! It really helped me to improve my daily practice and develop myself.. 
I loved the daily yoga sessions and afternoon workshops.. and the food was just outstanding!" - Lisa Rueb, Germany


What's the daily schedule like?



       5pm/Welcome Talk & Restorative Yoga



8.30am/Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation

(Root Chakra - Hips)


12pm/Nature Walk


4pm/Breath Work: Module I



8.30am/Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation

(Solar Plexus - Twist & Core)


11am/Massage (optional) or Free Time


3pm/Emotional Intelligence Workshop

with Dr Danielle Capella

5pm Sunset Walk & Silent Meditation



8.30am/Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation

(Heart Chakra - Backbends)


12pm/Breath Work: Module II


4pm/Train Your Mind with NLP

6pm/Restorative Yoga



8.30am/Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation

(Crown Chakra - Inversions)


11am/Massage (optional) or Free Time

2pm Lunch

4pm/Breath Work: Module III

5pm/Ecstatic Dance

8pm/Music Night


8.30am/Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation

(Guest Teacher)

10am/Picnic in the Forest & Closing Ceremony

12pm/Check out

Breathwork Sessions


For many years I have learned different yoga techniques on breathing (pranayama) as a practice you would do for a few minutes before or after each class. Not until much later I came in contact with other breath work techniques and pranayama combinations while being led on this one hour journey through different states of consciousness your breath can take you, from releasing emotional trauma to elevating the life force within your body. This workshop promises an introduction into a whole new experience of breathwork.



The retreat will take place at Quinta Raposeiros, in the outskirts of this beautiful fisherman village called Ericeira. It is just 35 minutes away from Lisbon airport, and its surrounded by lush green landscapes and the Atlantic Ocean.


This countryside residence located just 5 minutes from the village centre and a few steps from the beach sits on a 27 acre of nature to be explored. Walk among the greenness of pine woodlands, palm trees, orchids and organic farms. You can literally eat apples, figs and persimmons straight from the tree.


Enjoy the tranquility and silence of your surroundings with a magnificent view of the ocean from every room terrace and our daily practice in the Yoga Shala. Not to mention the pool area and the hidden meditation spots around the property!


What's the investment I'm making on myself?

This retreat is like a gift you give to yourself, an investment that will bring you a valuable life experience!

The retreat fee covers 5 nights of accommodation in a twin room (single rooms available on request) with ocean view, 3 vegetarian meals a day and all the daily classes, activities and workshops.

Check in will be on the first day from 2pm, our first activity on that day starts at 5pm.

Check out will be on the last day after our closing ceremony at around 12pm.


Transfers from and to the airport, optional massages and surf lessons are not included in the price (but can be arranged). 


Your spot will be confirmed upon 50% deposit (click below) and the remaining to be settled 2 weeks before arrival (via PayPal).


We don't grant refunds but if you cancel with 30 days notice you can use your deposit for any future retreats.

Check out what people say about our retreats!

"I loved the holistic approach to this retreat, it was definitely not just Yoga. The workshops and the food were really outstanding! Thank you so much for this beautiful experience.." -  Simone Krieglmeier, Germany