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"I came all the way from Canada and it was a really big step for me to fly all the way here by myself for my first solo trip ever. Everyone in the group were beautiful humans and Karol made us all feel like a little family.. I loved the structure of the retreat and that we were able to work on our own goals while being together. It was everything I thought it was going to be, such an amazing experience!

I learned so much form pushing myself out of my comfort zone and I'm so glad I did it!" 

Grace Lounsbury, Canada

The Conscious Living

"I loved the holistic approach to this retreat, it was definitely not just yoga. The workshops and the food were really outstanding! I feel super calm and energised after this retreat. One of my favourite moments was one of the meditations that we had, I felt so connected with myself and so good..I hope I can take this experience with me and integrate it into my life!"

Simone Krieglmeier, Germany

The Conscious Living


"Just thank you so much Karol! This retreat was the perfect balance between time for ourselves, Yoga, workshops...and amazing food! I wouldn't change anything about it! I specially loved the dynamic meditation, it was definitely my highlight!"

Laura Thiel, Germany

The Conscious Living

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You made it easy to be brave (to share and work on ourselves) by providing such a loving and trusting atmosphere... I would definitely come back to do this again, as I'm sure there still so much to be learned!"

Jeannine Sommerau, Switzerland

The Conscious Living


"Thank you for this experience, this retreat made a lot of things clear for me, it set me free and I feel that I am more open to myself and others. Something has shifted and I am forever grateful for this!"

Rachel Grant, Belgium

The Conscious Living

"Just simply one of the best retreat I have EVER attended!"

Nathalie Berchtold, Austria

The Conscious Living


"This was the most unique and eye opening experience I have ever had. Through all the classes and workshops I was able to find my way back to myself. I will hold on to this experience and all the people I have met very dearly. If you feel like you're stuck in life and you need a change this is it. Thank you!"


 Manon Billiet, Belgium

The Conscious Living

"I don't want to go home! That's how good the retreat has been for me.. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone during the incredible breathwork sessions and went deeper into my yoga practice. The food was absolutely outstanding! There was also a good balance of free time and activities.. Thanks for this Karol!"


Kat Bubien, Uk

The Conscious Living


"I loved all the breath work and learning something new during the workshops. The hikes to the beach were breathtaking, the food AMAZING, the yoga classes were wonderful.. overall a blessing I found this retreat and I have much gratitude in my heart for all you've done to make it extra special. Thank you dearly!"


 Jaime Ponson, USA

The Conscious Living

"This retreat was a beautiful combination of different approaches for self development. I already loved the program when I checked the website but everything was really even better than I could have hoped for. It was a very satisfying experince that brought me and my daughther closer together. Thank you Karol!"


Manuela Clercx, Belgium

The Conscious Living


""This retreat is really not just another yoga retreat. Karol created a safe place to reconnect with yourself and explore something new. Thank you for this magical experience!"


Gesa Franke, Germany

The Conscious Living

"Karol is a very sweet, warm, and passionate person. The lessons with Karol are fun. She has a soft voice and is happy to help you when needed. The food was AMAZING! You will leave the retreat with a good feeling, fully charged with new energy, relaxed, and ready to move forward :) I definitely recommend this retreat!"

Emilie Sabbe, Belgium

The Conscious Living


"Wonderful retreat taught and delivered with kindness and love. The food was amazing and Karol is an excellent teacher and an amazing person! Truly recommend it!"

Ana Fonseca, Portugal

The Conscious Living

"It was a great experience to join this retreat! It really helped me to improve my daily practice and develop myself..I loved the daily yoga sessions and afternoon workshops..and the food was just outstanding!"

Lisa Rueb, Germany

The Conscious Living


"My cup is full after such a wonderful retreat! In such a short amount of time it is amazing how much space I was able to find in my mind & body. The food was incredible & such lovely group of women. Thank you!"

Natalie Sullivan, England

Deep Within

"This experience was really the step I needed. It is very nice to come into a "zone" I never experienced before. Here you come into a peaceful and chilled place where all your thoughts can come together and you can let go of what you don't need. Would 100% recommend i"

Justine Berkein, Belgium

Deep Within


"This is my second retreat with Karol! Last time she pushed me into the right direction and planted a seed that started to grow after the retreat. It inspired me to make several important decisions in my life and be more aligned with what I want for myself. And I know this time will be the same, the seed is planted. Thank you Karol and Emilie for such a wonderful retreat, I will come back!"

Marlene Drees, Germany

Deep Within

"This was my first retreat ever and it's been an incredible experience. It felt like there was a purpose on us being here together as a group and it was very easy to get along. A great mix of yoga and activities. The food was incredible and I leave feeling energised and more aware of myself and my thoughts. Karol is a brilliant teacher. Thank you!"

Beth Oddy, England

Morocco Escape


"I loved every minute of the retreat. Karol made everyone feel extremely welcomed and it was obvious she put a lot of thought and effort into the organisation. It was 100% what I needed to recharge and reset from my stressful work. I am definitely coming back again!"

Cagla Aydin, Turkey

Morocco Escape

"This retreat was a very wholesome experience. We had a lovely group of women and lots of fun! During the yoga, breathwork and journaling exercises we could focus on ourselves and learn a lot from it. The surfing, pottery workshop and trip to Essaouira added a touch of fun and adventure! Overall, it was the perfect escape and I would definitely come back again, thank you Karol!"

Axelle Verhoustraeten, Belgium

Morocco Escape


"This is my second retreat with Karol, I have been in The Conscious Living with her in October last year. This retreat brought together mindfulness, body awareness and overall good vibes! It was the perfect mixture of activities, surf and yoga. A gorgeous way to spend a week in an otherwise dark and cold winter at home. Be ready to make some friends and simply enjoy the good things in life!"

Manuela Clercx, Belgium

Morocco Escape

"A perfect week to prioritise your mind and body in a safe and encouraging environment. Thank you Karol!"

Alix Billiet, Belgium

Morocco Escape


"The retreat was very well organised, the balance between activities was perfect and the location amazing! I loved the connection between surf, yoga, breathwork and pottery. The food was also prepared with much care and had a good mix of local and international flavours. Overall I felt that the retreat was a good balance between energising activities and meditation/personal development."

Patricia Domingues, Portugal

Morocco Escape

"I would recommend this retreat to any person who needs some time off to reset and find balance. The days are very well organised and you have yoga classes, meditations, workshops and time for yourself. After these 5 days I feel lighter and filled with energy, I'm ready to go back to my life with very good vibes! This is something everyone should experience once! The group dynamic was also very nice, Karol created a trusting environment for all of us."

Constance, France

The Conscious Living


"This was my first retreat and exceeded all of my expectations! I found so much peace and calmness within myself and made so many great connections. You did much more for me than you will ever know! Thank you!"

Laura, Austria

The Conscious Living

"The retreat was absolutely AMAZING - it was a perfect mix of yoga, self-development and rest & relaxation in such a beautiful setting. Karol is an incredible teacher and I learnt so much from her - she goes above and beyond to make the retreat such a wonderful experience. I loved the yoga sessions, workshops, surfing, the massage and the beach meditation. The food is of such a high quality - every meal was absolutely delicious and the chef went to great lengths to accommodate my dietary requirements. I would highly recommend this retreat - it's such an enriching experience."

Eimear, Uk

The Conscious Living


"It was my first retreat and I loved the experience. A perfect mix of yoga, meditation and personal development workshops. Karol opened a great space for connection and trust. Everyone in the retreat was so kind and open-hearted. I loved the variety of workshops that helped me to learn personal development tools. I would highly recommend this retreat to everyone!"

Britta, Germany

The Conscious Living

"I started from zero and I've learned so much about myself, about my patterns but most of all about the strength of yoga, pranayama & meditation. This retreat made me realise I want for sure more of this in my life. Karol is such a nice and gentle person. She makes me feel comfortable even at some uncomfortable situations and postures out of my comfort zone. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone! I have had such a great time here because everything was perfect, the yoga, the food was fantastic, the location, the environment and vibe, the surfing and massage, the music and last night celebration. Thank you!"

Alice, The Netherlands

The Conscious Living


"Thanks Karol, you made this week a very special one. Just really a great experience! Intense and easy, deep and light at the same time, so much more than "just" a yoga retreat! "

Verena, Germany

The Conscious Living

"This was an incredible experience and a worthy investment of my time. There was a perfect balance of activities and also time to truly rest and soak in the wonderful environment. It gave me a better understanding of the beauty of yoga. Karol set such a wonderful atmosphere for connection within the group. She also challenged us all in our yoga routine and taught us how to apply the insights of the retreat into our daily lives. This experience will stay with me for a very long time. I am very grateful for it!"

Gbemi, USA

The Conscious Living


"This retreat felt like a gift I gave to myself. I liked the combination of activities and free time to myself. The yoga, meditation & pranayama sessions were super high level but still easy to follow even if you're a beginner. It was great to connect with different nationalities and to experience that in a way we are all sort of similar in our stories, wishes and needs. This helped to shape a bond between the group, everyone was so nice and respectful. I loved it and would recommend it to anyone!"

Alieke, The Netherlands

The Conscious Living

"I'm so grateful for this incredible experience, it was a relaxing, yet energising and inspiring retreat. I've met some amazing women and there was a great group vibe. I've tried a lot of new things and went out of my comfort zone. I've also learned so much and came to several insights about things in my life. It was the best week so I wanted to thank everyone that took part in making this a memory I will cherish forever!"

Gael, Belgium

The Conscious Living


"I wanted to say that I'm so grateful for everything you taught me and for guiding me/us with so much gentleness and nurturing energy. For me this was exactly what I needed without even knowing it. Thank you for everything, you're a very inspiring person. I hope we will meet again!"

Lotte, The Netherlands

The Conscious Living

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