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5 truths (or lies) about Yoga Retreats

  1. Yoga retreats are for advance Yogis. That's a lie. Although some retreats might cater to advance yogis or even yoga teachers not every retreat is like that. Yoga retreats are not limited to only regular practitioners and although some basic knowledge is a good headstart it is not absolutely necessary. In general Yoga retreats are a great way for you to give that kick off on your Yoga journey! So if you've been wanting to incorporate this new habit into your life, or pick up from where you left off, then that's a great way to start (or re-start), which takes us to point number two! Just make sure when signing up for a retreat that you know which Yoga level you're signing up for, if you're signing up for an intermediate/advance training when you're a complete beginner then it will be difficult for the teacher to accommodate you.

  2. It's a great way to set new intentions. That's so so true! From time to time, we all have the good intentions of starting new habits that we know we can benefit from, such as doing Yoga daily, eating healthy, setting aside some time for meditation or journalling. But often we find ourselves frustrated for not being able to implement them in the midst of our daily activities. It's normal to feel this way, some might even feel defeated or discouraged. It takes time and effort to set new habits while there are so many other things happening in life. That's why a Yoga retreat is the perfect opportunity for you to try out this new habit and immediately feel its benefit. This gives your subconscious mind an extra push of encouragement by simply already harvesting the fruits of this new habit. It is a powerful thing! And it will help you to more make this transition of the "new you" a lot smoother!

  3. It's a great holiday with good food. That's partially true. Indeed Yoga retreats can be a great way to holiday, recharge, eat good food and visit a new place. But Yoga retreats are much more than that. They're an opportunity for you to get to know yourself, acquire new knowledge and make a change in your life, for the positive of course. You will never be the same as you first entered the retreat.

  4. I can travel on my own. Absolutely! In fact I would say about 80-90% of people joining my Yoga retreats come as solo travellers. It is a great way fro you to meet other people and make new friends, but it is also a good breather from all the social interaction obligations we have in everyday life. Pretty much you get to chose for yourself, you can gather with the others or chose to spend time alone in your "free time" hours. Most people will say it's a great balance between group activities and time for yourself. But we find that most of our conversations are enriching talks about so many topics. Thats the positive side of having so many different nationalities and backgrounds gathered together, it's a great pot of knowledge and fun. So if you're considering coming on your own, don't be discouraged, there are so many others like you :)

  5. It's expensive. Allright, I get it, some might think that retreats are expensive and retreat organisers are probably all millionaires by now. haha Jokes aside, retreats are not money spent, it's money invested in yourself. You will sure harvest the fruits of this investment and be grateful to yourself you did it. Besides, most retreats are all in. Food, accommodation, activities, classes all included in the package. I challenge you to write down all your costs next time you go on a (non-retreat) holidays. It costs you a lot more trust me. Keep in mind that most of the money you're paying goes to accommodation providers, food and taxes. So next time you think a retreat is expensive, think again.

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