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Find Cheap Flights

Yoga retreats are all about finding balance in mind and body. We know that's a great investment on yourself, one that sometimes can be expensive. Finding ways to save money with flights can make a huge difference in your budget and help you make that dream come true!

Here are my favourite ways to save a few hundred bucks when I fly within Europe or even abroad. Flight prices are a decisive things when deciding if a retreat is within your budget and I want to make sure you can book that trip and make the best of your time without any stress.

  1. Google Flights: I always use this platform to find the cheapest deals across different airlines. You can follow this link here to get into the google flights page. Here's how I use this platform, I find the best deal and then I buy my flights directly in the website of the airline. You can for sure save like €50 buying in momondo but I've hear various horror stories about flight cancellations that never got reimbursed and I don't think it's worth the risk.

  2. Choose a different departing airport: Flying from the nearest airport is too expensive? Try out another airport. With the facility we have living in Europe we can chose different airports to fly from. You can take a train or a bus to an airport thats a few hours away. Or even a cheap plane ticket to this other airport. That can save you a few hundred bucks if you're more flexible.

  3. Be creative with your stopovers: I know ideally we would fly directly to our destinations, stopovers mean that 3 hours flight can sometimes turn into a 10 hour journey. Some airlines nowadays allow you to extend your stopovers and that means you can get to know a different place on the way. Doesn't that sound wonderful? I once visited Istanbul on my way from Nepal to Brazil. It was a trip that I loved and will never forget!

Are you still having a hard time finding good fights? No worries I can help you! I have been traveling around the world for years and I'm obsessed with finding good deals. It would be my pleasure to help you out making you your next retreat possible!

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