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Yoga, Breathwork & Ice Bath

17 - 21 June 2024

Ericeira, Portugal



Imagine yourself on the beautiful and sunny coastal line of Portugal, staying in a small Portuguese heritage bed and breakfast, surrounded by nature with the

Atlantic Ocean at your doorstep.

Yoga. Healthy Food. Like-minded community. Beach time.

And plenty of time to rest and explore our beautiful surroundings.

Reset your nervous system with daily yoga practice, meditation, journaling, breathwork, ice bath and more. This retreat is much more than just another holiday, it's an opportunity for you to learn new tools to improve your life quality, to get to know yourself better and for personal transformation.

This retreat is promises to be a nutrition to the body and soul. 

DAY 1 

  4pm/Check in

5pm/Welcome Circle

5.30pm/Journaling & Restorative Yoga



  8am/Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation 


12pm/Guided Nature Walk 


4pm/Journaling + Sharing Circle

5.30pm/Breathwork Session 



  8am/Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation 


11am/free time for massage or surf lesson (extra add on activities)


3.30pm/Wim Hof Breathwork & Ice Bath guided by Tommy



  8am/Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation 


12pm/Breathwork Session


5pm/Journalling + Restorative Yoga



  8am/Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation 


11am/Check out

What is this retreat about?

This retreat is about sparking the joy within yourself, awakening your spirit, getting out of your comfort zone, experiencing something new, recharging your batteries and reseting your body & mind. During the course of five days I will share with you tools that have helped me feel alive and transform the energy of feeling stuck or out of touch with yourself into feeling reconnected and empowered to make change in all areas of your life. Sometimes we are so limited by our busy lives, working and responsibilities pressuring us to live on automatic mode that we lack the time to find joy and reconnect with our true selves. We are often left feeling disconnected, low on energy and empty. This retreat is going to give you a boost of energy, make you feel alive again and fulfilled by new things you will learn and amazing connections you will make with other likeminded people.

What is the purpose of the ice bath sessions?

Cold exposure has been around for ages, if you're from Scandinavia your parents or grandparents were doing this way before it even got hip. But the reason why lately this practice has become so famous is because this one guy, Whim Hoff, has proven to the world that this can bring on immense health benefits. This guy has been studied by scientist, because his breathing technique was so insane he could even control his vital signals.


Far from being Whim Hoff myself, I have recently joined an ice bath group recently in my neighbourhood and these are some of the immediate benefits I have experienced: great cure for sore muscles, increased energy during the day including better ability to focus, reduced overall stress level which led me to better sleep at night. When practiced regularly it can strengthen immune system and help the nervous system self regulate in moments of stress.

This is how it works, we put our bodies in a stress situation (extreme cold) but in a controlled and safe environment. Prior to the cold exposure you'll learn some breathing techniques that will help you to control your body responses when you're inside the freezing cold water. Your body starts shaking and your breath will become short and fast. These are natural responses of the body to what it perceives being a life threat. When we are able to calm the breath by focusing our attention on taking deep and long breaths it's like telling your body "ok you calm down now, there's no life threat". What this teaches your nervous system is that whenever you're in a stressful situation ,no matter if it's a lion or your boss telling you off it's the same for your nervous system, you can reach out to this powerful that is your breath to self regulate again. 

So you can think of ice baths as a "gym" for your nervous system, where we can practice over an over again how to self soothe our nervous system in situations of stress. Pretty powerful stuff hugh?

Natalie, England

“My cup is full after a wonderful experience on this retreat. In such a short amount of time I was amazed at how much space I was able to find in my mind & body on this retreat... The food was incredible & such lovely group of women! Thank you greatly!"


The retreat will take place at Casa Paço Dilhas, in the outskirts of this beautiful fisherman village called Ericeira. It is just 35 minutes away from Lisbon airport, and its surrounded by lush green landscapes and the Atlantic Ocean.


This heritage 19th century Bed & Breakfast sits on a hilltop a few steps away from one the most famous and beautiful surfing beaches in the whole Europe and only 5 minutes away from the village centre. Everyday you get to discover a charming little corner in their 2500sqm garden, enjoy the sunshine by two beautiful vintage style pools, relax and eat our dinner in the cosy main house. This place is an absolute gem and one of the best stays in the whole of Portugal!

Shared Room with Shared Bathroom

Stay in a single or bunk bed and share the room with one or two persons.

Private Room with Shared Bathroom

Stay in a single or double bed private room and share the bathroom with two or three persons.

Private Room with Private Bathroom

Stay in a private apartment with double bed and bathroom all for yourself. The ultimate comfort!

FAQ (frequently asked questions)...

What's included?

The retreat fee covers 4 nights of accommodation, all the meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner), all the daily classes, activities and workshops. 


What's not included?

Optional massages and drinks you buy from the hotel, local tourist tax (2€/night) paid to the hotel on check out. Transfer from and to the airport is not included but can be arranged for you when you let us know your flight details. Visa fees and travel insurance is also your responsibility.


What's the nearest airport?

Lisbon is the nearest airport. If you wish to stay any extra days before or after the retreat this can be arranged as well.

What's the level of yoga?

This is an open level retreat, this means that we accommodate all levels by offering sequences that everyone can follow, with different variations from beginner to intermediate. 

What's the food like?

The food provided is vegetarian. We have two professional chefs looking after our group to deliver high standard delicious meals prepared with love. Please let us know if you have any food allergies or restrictions at the time of booking (vegan, gluten free, etc)

How do I confirm my booking?

Your spot will be confirmed upon €450 deposit (click below) and the remaining to be settled on arrival. Your deposit is non refundable.


Shared Room + Shared Bathroom (3 persons) €1150 

Shared Room + Shared Bathroom (2 persons) €1250 

Private Open Mezanine + Shared Bathroom €1350

Private Room + Shared Bathroom €1450 

Private Room + Private Bathroom (whole apartment) €1650 - Booked Out!

Early Bird 10% Off

(book before April 30th)


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