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Say goodbye to worrying about how many classes you need to teach to cover your expenses and instead say hello to celebrating a successful Yoga Business that brings you consistent income every month!


What are you looking for?

If you landed on this page I'm guessing you're a Yoga teacher who's tired of making too little money teaching in studios or your class in the park. You feel like you're doing all the right things: you're posting regularly on social media, you show up on your stories everyday and you have classes at different studios. But its just not enough... Maybe you would love to quit your full time job and dedicate yourself 100% to your passion for teaching yoga, but your yoga teaching salary is not even close to enough to make ends meet.

I was in that exact same place about two years ago. I was getting paid peanuts to teach and that's downgrading to all the effort I put in as a teacher

It wasn't until I made a shift by diversifying my offers beyond yoga classes in studios and started implementing some business essentials did I start having steady income and have a successful and thriving Yoga Business.

That's why I created the YOGA BUSINESS KICKSTARTER a 3 week coaching program to help yoga teachers kickstart their Yoga Business, make a consistent income and finally live their dream life!


Light and Shadow

What you get

Master the art of creating a thriving and successful yoga business by attracting dream students while generating a consistent income and finding balance between teaching yoga, dedicating yourself to your business and still having enough time for personal self-care and growth.

If you’re a Yoga Teacher longing for a program that will teach you all the ins and outs of starting your business, this is FOR YOU!

⚡️ Three one-on-one google meet calls that give you the personal approach that your unique business needs

⚡️ Find you unique message and business model

⚡️ Learn about how to show up on social media and attract more aligned students who are ready to buy from you

⚡️ Lifetime access to the meetings recording and support material

⚡️ Direct access to me via whatsapp for questions and support for 3 whole weeks

⚡️ Workbook to integrate what you will learn

⚡️ Website and instagram audit

For only €550

Niv, Ireland

“I loved my first business coaching session with Karol, she promotes authenticity and I learned a huge amount in just one hour. She listened to my story and she offered fantastic advice on my branding and how to begin setting up my yoga business. I loved how clear and concise she was in her coaching. She gave me homework which really helped with knowing what steps to take next. Before the session I knew what direction I wanted to go but felt a bit lost as to how to get there. Karol made the path a lot clearer for me and I have never been so excited about my future with yoga."

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