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5 Reasons to Join our Teacher Training

It's a huge step to finally decide in your heart that you're ready to take your first teacher training. Are know it's a huge decision in your life and the amount of offers out there can make it a bit overwhelming. Apart from being a big investment financially, your first YTTC (yoga teacher training course) is a big investment of your time, energy and emotions. It's an intensive process and of course you want to make sure you have the support you need during this journey.

I will give you five reasons, which I think, make our teacher training very special. I hope this helps you decide in your heart if this is for you (or not). Either way we are happy to see you shine in your yoga journey whatever is that you decide.

  1. This training takes place in Europe, more specifically in Portugal. I know a lot of people dream of taking their teacher training abroad, maybe some paradise place in Asia or even in India. I myself have done trainings in India twice, my first 200hr Teacher Training in Hatha & Vinyasa and a 300hr Teacher Training in Yoga Therapy. Although it was an enriching experience to be in the birthplace of yoga it's not always for everyone. Change of environment, food poisoning and a place that's out of your comfort zone can be all too much to take when you're already at your maximum productivity during your course. Being in Portugal means you have all the comfort and safety of Europe while soaking in all the sunshine south Europe provides. Besides we are bringing India to you, which takes us to the second reason you should join us!

  2. We are bringing the birthplace of Yoga to you. Satya from Satya Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, India, is one of our head teachers during the whole course of the teacher training. He's flying all the way from India specially for this. Satya has many years of experience teaching YTTC all around the world such as France, Bali and Rishikesh. This will be his first time ever in Portugal. He's an old time friend and I personally invited him to come and teach this training in Portugal. His yoga school is recognised by Yoga Alliance (International Institute of Yoga) and well known and respected in India. It is a great pleasure to have him guide us with his traditional approach to yoga. We feel very lucky to be drinking straight from the source!

  3. We combine the traditional approach to Yoga with a western perspective. It is great to have a more western view also on the way we teach. The western yoga is a bit more free, intuitive, nurturing and "feminine". If you're taking this teacher training to become a teacher in Europe for example you will benefit not only from knowing all the traditions and ways of Yoga in India, but also learn how to live by and apply this knowledge in the West. I, Karol De Souza, will be teaching the art of creative and intuitive Vinyasa Flow and incorporating other tools for yogic living such as journalling and self-awareness during the teacher training. As the title of this training already says it all "East Meets West" the ancient knowledge and traditional approach of the East meets the science and modern knowledge of the West. The perfect union of East and West, bringing on a varied knowledge and a balanced approach to teaching.

  4. The training is taught in the English language. As we all know, English is the most spoken language in the world, it is nowadays the language the most people have in common like latin once was. Taking your teacher training in English will allow you to teach or take yoga classes and courses all around the world. Eventually you might even want to host your own retreats and teacher trainings, who knows. The jargon, commands and yoga postures differ from language to language, and although taking your course in your mother tongue might sound attractive it will eventually stop you from growing in your yoga career. I myself feel a lot more comfortable teaching in English than in my own mother tongue, because I've always studied and taught in English. This allowed me to grow beyond teaching lessons in my own local circle. It allowed me to travel the world while working as a Yoga teacher and later own create my own retreat business which continues to take me to places I've always dreamed of visiting. Besides the mix of cultures of students I've come across have enriched my experience as a teacher and as a human being.

  5. We give you follow up support. That's right, we will stay with you for as long as you need us. From simple questions about Yoga, to building your website or business in the Yoga industry, we are here to help you. When I did my first teacher training I though this was the thing I missed the most, I didn't know from where to start or what to do with my diploma. It's crucial to have this kind of support after such a life event. We don't want you to put your diploma in a drawer and forget about it (unless that's what you want to do). We want you to develop into the most amazing yoga teacher and flourish to your full potential. That's why after graduation we offer a one-o-one consulting session via zoom to discuss what are your next steps. And of course we will also continue to give you support through email and WhatsApp whenever any simple questions arise for as long as you need.

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