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Detox Green Juice

Updated: May 8, 2023

It's inevitable that we might overdo during the end of the year parties. And it's totally ok to eat that delicious pie your mum makes or those mouth watering starters you prepared or even a few too many glasses of wine. Allowing yourself to have what you want, whenever you want is also part of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

By no means I am encouraging extreme diets or "compensation" for all the yummy food you had that was prepared with so much love by your family and friends. On the other hand, as much as I enjoy all the sugary drinks and desserts afterwards my body just craves all the nutrients it's used to have.

I am also amazed to see how my physical level of energy changes depending on what I eat. In addition how my mind reacts with brain fogginess and sometimes irritability when I eat too much sugar. I am happy for all the Christmas celebrations but so happy to get back to my normal routine as well! I woke up next day feeling like I needed to move and nourish my body. So my boyfriend and I went on a little jog, then a small yoga session followed by a green juice with what we had at home and guess what? It was delicious! So I'm gonna share the recipe with you!


4 celery stalks

1 handful of spinach

2 pears

2 kiwi

1 lemon wedge

1 thumb size ginger


I like to use the slow juicer for this, but if you don't have a juicer you can try the blender, it will just be a lot thicker. If you don't have spinach you can change to any other greens you have at home. Some greens I like are kale, the celery leaves (but not too much as it get a bit bitter), rocket (for a spicy kick), parsley, etc You can also swap pear and kiwi for apples or whatever green fruits you have at home. This recipe make juice for two or for one hungry yogi! Enjoy!

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