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How to make tasty overnight oats?

If you feel your overnight oats is lacking a bit of taste then I'll teach you a couple of tricks that will make it tasty as! I love overnight oats because they are a super easy and nourishing breakfast. You can prepare it the day before and just take it with you to work, to the beach, or anywhere you go! Its a great and healthy way to start your day or an awesome post yoga, workout or surf snack..

If you're already twisting your nose because you don't like overnight oats trust me on this one! I will give you a few tips that will make your bowl (or jar) so yummy that it feels like you're having dessert for breakfast. Sounds good? Let's go!


1 cup rolled oats (the instant or cut oats have no texture and will feel like baby food.. yuck!)

1 cup almond milk (or any nut milk of choice)

1 tsp vanilla essence (try the ones that are the most natural possible) - this makes all the difference

1 tsp ground cinnamon - and this too.

Optionally you can add cacao powder for a more dessert experience like a post workout snack ;)


These are optional and add great flavour and texture to your overnight oats. I'm giving a few options and you can add whatever you like. In my picture I had tahini, almonds, coconut flakes, peaches and honey. You can get sooooooo creative with these and you can make your bowl in so many different flavours that you will never get sick of it! The following are my favourite!

  • my homemade crunchy granola (click here for recipe)

  • crunchy peanut butter (yeah you guessed it right I love crunchy stuff!)

  • tahini (if you like bitter nutty & sweet flavour like me)

  • cacao nibs - oh yes!!

  • chia seeds

  • hemps seeds

  • coconut flakes (toasted are even better!)

  • different nuts: hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, almonds or whatever you like!

  • fruits: fresh or cooked. My favourites are banana, all types of berries, kiwi, peach and tangerine (yes extra juicy!)

  • honey, agave or maple syrup


In a bowl or jar mix oats, milk, vanilla essence, cinnamon or cacao.

Let it rest overnight in your fridge (or at least 30min). Add toppings and enjoy!

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