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A group coaching program for the yoga teacher who wants to go from "I don't know what to post" to an inbox full of "Im in" dms.


Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed about not knowing what to post every time you open instagram and say hello to knowing exactly what to say to attract dream students landing on your page, hitting the “follow” button and flooding your dms with “I wanna work with you” messages.


Let’s be honest: being popular on instagram looks cool, but having a content strategy is an essential skill for the yoga teacher who not only wants to grow her instagram followers, but also build a dream community of students who comment, like and engage with your posts, and generates sales through the dms. 

Having a content strategy is key to: standing out over the 100s of thousands of other yoga teachers who are doing the same thing as you, growing organically and making money without having to pay for ads or learn about fancy ad funnels, building up an online community of students who are obsessed with what you do and are ready to sign up to any offers you come up with whether it's a retreat, master class or online program.

The problem is that right now you're ready for people to take you seriously as a yoga teacher but you're still posting your green smoothie and inspirational quotes to your feed. You spend hours scrolling on social media looking for inspiration but the truth is you have no idea what to post, you're constantly comparing yourself with other yoga teachers and the thought of creating content for a whole week  feels a bit overwhelming. That's because you don't have a content strategy (yet), but we are about to change that!

Here's what I know about you: you're an ambitious yoga teacher, you thrived in your teacher training, always wanting to learn more. You want to have a business that has a positive impact in the world in the same way yoga has had on you. You want to make money doing what you love, and know that it's only a matter of time before you do. But right now your social media is far from making the impact you've always dreamed of:

  • You're posting downward facing dog tutorials on your feed and getting absolutely no reaction from your followers, it feels like every time you post you're talking to a wall 

  • You spend hours scrolling on other yoga teachers’ page to get inspiration for what to post but you end up not posting anything, or even worse, you post and go back to check how many people liked or commented every other minute

  • You're unsure about ho to promote your services so you end up writing "join my retreat" or "sign up to my class" on every single stories and post, but no one books or clicks on your link

  • Your following has been stuck for over a year and most of them are your family and friends 

  • The only thing you're posting right now is your healthy breakfast, morning flow or an inspirational quote with a video or picture of a beautiful background, am I right?

  • And the worst part is that you see other people on instagram who are absolutely killing it but you're putting in the effort and the hours and nothing is happening and you keep asking yourself why​​

The good news is that all it takes is just a few tweaks and changes to your content strategy for your instagram to blow up and your content to be liked and shared all over the internet, your DM's to be flooded with "Im in" messages and your dream students to book out your classes, events and retreats.


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This program starts on the 5th of August 7pm (GMT+1) and it only runs a couple of times a year. Our live calls recordings will be available later in case you can't make it.



Imagine this, tomorrow you wake up to do your yoga practice, then you sit on the couch with your morning coffee. You open your computer to create content for the week and it just flows because you know exactly what to say to your community. You hit the post button, your reel goes viral, your inbox is flooded with dm's of people wanting to join in your class or retreat and a couple of days later you've sold 3 spots already. With one post and no ads paid.

Sounds amazing, doesn't it? Well, its doesn't just have to be a dream, this can be your everyday reality.


Module 1 - Creating Your Professional Profile

In this module we will cover how to create a killer yoga teacher profile that will get people to say "oh my god I can't believe I found this account" and immediately know they NEED to follow you.

We'll cover:

  • Create a bio description that makes you stand out as a yoga teacher and is clear about your offers so that you can attract your tribe with one quick glimpse

  • Know exactly what posts to pin on your feed so that new people landing on your page know exactly why they should follow you

  • Create stories highlights that give a glimpse into your world so that your community can easily find what they're looking for

  • Build a strong brand identity with simple branding solutions for your instagram

Module 2 - Creating Your Content Strategy

In this phase we will work on creating a content strategy that will  position you as an authority in your niche, build a dream community of followers who love what your do and make sales through your dms.

We'll cover:​

  • Create a content strategy that will position you as an expert in the yoga industry and become the go to yoga teacher

  •  Create and sequence posts and stories that will get your dream clients to dm you for your offer link because they can't wait to work with you

  • Learn how to find consistency without burning out and optimise your time when you create content so you can go live real life outside the blocks of instagram

Module 3 - How To Put It In Action

In this phase we will learn how to put all the strategy into action so that you can learn all the ins and outs of making your content so juicy that people will binge scroll until they have no doubt you're the right teacher for them!

We'll cover:

  • Learn exactly how to create hooks that stop the scroll 

  • Write captions that will get people to take action 

  • Step by step on how to create reels from scratch so that you can go viral and grow your community on the gram

  • Learn how to sell without selling so that you can sell on your instagram without having to sound like a car salesman :)

Light and Shadow

What you'll get

⚡️ Lifetime access to 10 pre recorded classes so that you can follow your course at your own rhythm, watch it from anywhere you are at anytime of the day so it can fit into your schedule

⚡️ 2 google meet group calls that will give you the chance to ask questions so that you can move through any challenges you're coming across and reach your social media goals10x faster

⚡️ Workbooks and other support material to help you integrate all the strategy you are learning as you go

+ these amazing bonuses

⚡️ 30 days of instagram content done for you so that you can post and get back to living your life and enjoy your family & friends outside of the tiny blocks of instagram 

⚡️ Changing beliefs & mindset workbook so that you can move through the procrastination and self doubt that comes every time you think about putting yourself out there to sell your retreat, classes or online program

⚡️ How to create your reels tutorial, so that you can create your reel from scratch and smash it on the gram

You and I both know you're meant to share the power of your practice in a bigger way, you see others taking off in their instagram with so much ease and you know you're meant for this too! 


And now you're ready for new DM's notifications flowing through your inbox and an instagram filled with dream students who are looking forward to work with you. All while you keep pinching yourself to see if this is real because you have a content strategy that makes you stand out for the crowd, position you as an authority in your niche and bring in dozens of dream clients whose lives you get to change with your work daily.

Are you ready to start creating content that gets shared all over the internet and gets you paid even when you're offline grabbing a latte or going on holidays with your friends?



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Niv, Ireland

“I loved my first business coaching session with Karol, she promotes authenticity and I learned a huge amount in just one hour. She listened to my story and she offered fantastic advice on my branding and how to begin setting up my yoga business. I loved how clear and concise she was in her coaching. She gave me homework which really helped with knowing what steps to take next. Before the session I knew what direction I wanted to go but felt a bit lost as to how to get there. Karol made the path a lot clearer for me and I have never been so excited about my future with yoga."

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