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My morning routine..

Creating your morning routine and daily ritual is an essential part of living a balanced and healthy life. I know of course it's very tempting to reach out to press the snooze button or to scroll down social media mindlessly. But does that really make you feel good?

The pace you set yourself as soon as you wake up is going to majorly affect your day... and day after day that can make a huge impact in your life. What can you do every day that will get you a little bit closer to your goals, purpose and mission in life? This practice in yoga is called your SADHANA and it usually involves some mindful movement, meditation and prayer.

I like to see it as my daily dose of motivation. Breaking through "bad habits" is often very difficult at the start: waking up late and rushing out the door, or scrolling down social media for the first moments of the day or any other habits that add absolutely nothing to your life but somehow seem to be so easy to follow as we are on automatic mode.

Once you create more mindfulness about how the things you do in your life affect you emotions, life quality, etc you can start considering the things that don't serve you anymore and leave them behind so you can add new positive habits in your daily routine.

For me the mornings are sacred, my mind is still so peaceful and it's the perfect moment for my meditation and journalling. I start my meditation with some prayer, asking for the things that I want from my day, setting my intentions and surrendering to the guidance of the universe. When I awake from my meditation I like to write some insights I had during the meditation or repetitive thoughts that have been bothering me so I can try to reflect about the roots and the why of those thoughts and gain some clarity. After that I like to do some yoga postures to wake my body up and nourish my body with a healthy breakfast! That takes me about one hour altogether, but if you don't have one hour set yourself a realistic amount of time you can put aside for your sadhana and do it every single day. I promise you, it's like brushing your teeth, the day you miss out on your sadhana it feels weird, like something is missing!

If you find difficult to start these great habits, attending a yoga retreat is a great way to set yourself for success! The support of a teacher and a community during this process is a huge encouragement, as well as having the time to start something anew during the retreat that you can later on take to your daily life makes this transition a lot easier. Join us for the next retreat?

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