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Which Yoga retreat is best for me?

If you have checked out this page and all the new retreats coming up you might be questioning yourself: which retreat is best for me? Which yoga level and retreat program best suits me now in my yoga practice and personal development journey?

Because of some questions I have been getting lately about the retreats I have decided to write this blog post to put all this information together to make your decision easier. In addition, knowing what each retreat has to offer will help you make your choice depending on what you want from this experience and what you're working on yourself.


This was my first retreat I created and hosted in Europe. After many years as a yoga student and seeker of personal development I created this experience. This is the best nectar of various retreats and courses I took around the world, things that have helped me to look within myself from a different perspective, create awareness of myself and some negative aspect of my behaviour, learn how to deal better with the roller coaster of my emotions and live a more conscious life. Which led me to find more peace and balance within.

This IS NOT just another yoga retreat. If you're looking for the typical yoga retreat maybe this is not for you. We will NOT be having handstands or yoga alignment workshops. We will NOT have two or three yoga classes a day. We will NOT be challenging really advanced yoga postures. This will be an open level yoga & personal development immersion. All levels are welcome, but some knowledge of the practice is advisable.

We will be using the Yoga practice as a tool to personal development and to create a more conscious lifestyle. We will be having daily yoga classes, but also workshops from various fields of personal development. We will go deep into various techniques os breath work to release stuck energy and emotions in your body. We will dance, we will laugh, we will cry together.

This experience invites complete surrender and a drop to all your judgements and protective barriers. In exchange I will promise to provide a safe and comfortable environment for you to do your self-work.

This is going to be our third retreat already and I have made many changes since our first edition. I make continuous improvements and no retreat is ever like the other. The goal here is that you have the best and most transformative experience you can have. I hope you can go home feeling empowered to be the best version of yourself!


I have had many request from regular students to offer a retreat to get deeper into their yoga technique and knowledge. This retreat had been in the back of my mind for a couple of year now. Last year I met Emilie Sabbe, a innate yoga teacher and physical therapist from Belgium. Emilie and I have very similar stories and we immediately hit it off.

Emilie is a passionate person about the human body, she has suited it meticulously and she knows all the ins and outs of yoga postures and alignment meticulously. She nowadays teaches critical alignment yoga in her studio in Brugges, Belgium.

I on the other hand teach Vinyasa Flow. A very organic and intuitive way to move in the yoga practice. Vinyasa Flow is creative, fun, upbeat, dynamic, but sometimes can lack technique. So I thought to myself: this is the perfect marriage.

Through this weekend immersion experience we hope to create a strong base to your yoga practice from a perspective of critical alignment yoga. But we also want you to develop your own style, deepen the connection with your body and move more intuitively.

We will also be holding daily meditation sessions before our daily yoga practice. To make it all more fun I am going to throw a cooking workshop bringing forth again your intuition and freedom into cooking. I will teach you some basics that I hope gives you wings to fly in your culinary experience. Cooking is a very meditative art, if you've been following this account you might have already noticed that this is one of my passions, one that I want to share with you!

This retreat is suitable for intermediate practitioners, if you're a beginner maybe this is not the most recommended experience for you.


This is a retreat for those who want to mix a bit of fun and culture into the pot of all the work we do in our retreats. This is the first time I decide to add surfing as a daily activity in our retreat. I never wanted people to think they're joining another surf & yoga retreat, and this is surely not the case.

Surfing has been in my life for 17 years now, even longer than yoga. It has taught me some valuable lessons during my journey. And you guessed right, first lesson was to learn that everything is a JOURNEY. Transformation takes time, dedication, discipline, perseverance, auto-observation, resilience, all things that surfing and yoga help you work on. Not to mention that the disconnection with my chatty mind becomes all that much easier in a surf lesson, that I must say is an easy shortcut for those feeling that meditation is very challenging.

We will have daily yoga lessons, as well as some restorative yoga sessions, breath work and a basic introduction into yoga alignment. This is for the all around yogis of all levels who are looking into moving the body and disconnecting the mind.

We will in addition have a wonderful pottery workshop, with clay collected from the mountains mixed with ashes too create the perfect consistency, just like back in the time. Working with your hands is a powerful meditative tool, combined with the grounding properties of the clay and the creative of energy of your inner child this workshop promises to be more then "just fun".

Lastly, considering that if you come to Morocco you also want to experience the culture, we will take a day trip to Essaouira, a bohemian seaside town promising an immersion of tastes and colours of what this country has to offer.

This retreat is going to be an almost mystical experience, the power of the ocean together with the calm energy of the mountains that surround us, the ancient culture of slow living in Imsouane bay, this is going to be an unforgettable experience.

Not sure yet? Send us a message and ask!

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