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Yoga Alignment: Triangle Pose or Trikonasana

This posture stretches and strengthens the thighs, hamstring and calf muscles, helping to treat sciatica and osteoporosis. It massages and stimulates abdominal organs, therefore helping to treat digestive problems like constipation, menstrual disorders and infertility. This posture balances the nervous system, therefore used to treat anxiety disorders and depression.

This posture requires great core strength, ideally you should NOT support yourself on the leg but in fact hold your torso by activating the core muscles. The front leg is very active and the foot pressing strongly onto the ground. If you happen to have hyper mobile joints pay particular attention that your knee here doesn’t hyper extend. Imagine there’s someone holding you up by the arm, that’s the movement that you should apply here, avoid collapsing down onto your hand. There is a gentle backward rotation of the right shoulder and the right hip in the picture, as if the whole body was aligned in between two imaginary walls, can you visualise that? Normally in this posture we gaze up to the ceiling but if your neck doesn’t feel ok, just look straight forward.

The picture below shows you what NOT to do in this posture. Let’s point out my mistakes, I’m over exaggerating in the picture so you can see it better. The torso is collapsing forward and down, my whole weight is being supported by my hands, my core is relaxed and my left leg is hyper extended.

If you haven’t got enough core strength yet or your legs are a bit stiff this problem can be easily overcome by using the support of a block like in the picture below. But again, make sure you’re not completely relying on the block, but actually activating core, legs and everything else we mentioned in the first picture capisce?

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