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5 Reasons to Escape to Morocco

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

The mystical energy in the air, blood red sunsets, warm people, exotic nature, world class waves, I could write on and on about how amazing is Morocco and why you should come with us on our next retreat adventure there. But I've decided to make it short, simple, objective by listing you the most important 5 reasons you should not miss out on this trip next January 2023!

1. It's much warmer than Europe

Are you already over the cold winter in Europe? So are we! Get your daily dose of sunshine on the Moroccan coast, average day temperatures can be as warm as 20 degrees!

2. It's a short (cheap) flight from most European capitals

You can fly for under €150 from most European capitals, some even under €100 return!! Are you having a hard time finding cheap flights? No worries we can help you finding those deals!

3. Learn how to surf in one of the best surf spots in the world

Regardless of wether you're a complete beginner or an experienced surfer, you will have so much fun in Imsouane (our retreat location). Imsouane has two world famous spots. One inside the bay which is more protected from the winter swells and its known to be the longest wave of Morocco! This waves is more mellow in most days and it has different sections pleasing all level of surfers! The second spot is a fast and hollow left hander just on the other side of the bay, for this within to push themselves to the limit. Our retreat caters to all level surfers, we will divide the group according to their surf level.

4. Experience a new culture and get out of your comfort zone

Why not experience the big world out there? Meet people, experience something new, get butterflies in your stomach, learn new things, open your mind! Travelling opens a whole new perspective to life and its is a valuable experience we should all make sure not to miss out!

5. Start the year with the right foot

Do you already have your New Years resolution list? If so, I bet being healthier, less stressed and making more time for yourself is on that list. If that's the case, then this retreat is already that first step towards a life that's more aligned with your goals, it's a great opportunity to learn new habits and recharge your batteries to start your year with the right foot.

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