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How to practice self love

Heyy guys, it's been a while, summer has been busy with work but also fulfilling moments with friends and lot's of hours spent in the water surfing. I feel like I have abandoned my blog but I promise I'm back full of ideas for articles from personal development and lifestyle tips to easy and delicious recipes.

Today I wanted to give you a bit of perspective on the topic of self love. For some it might sound a bit cheesy or overrated, in fact this term has been indeed been over used specially to describe self care. But I cannot tell you enough the major importance and impact this practice has in our lives. From improving the relationship with ourselves, teaching us how to be happy on our own presence, feeling more self confident and less insecure about ourselves and really just teaching us that we are enough and we make ourselves happy. This of course will surely affect positively our relationships with other people, but that's not the goal to keep in mind. The goal here is for once, put yourself first.

For some this might sound a bit selfish. Like altruism is the ultimate form of pure love right? Well, yes and no. How can you share something you don't have, that you're not overflowing with? It sounds like an impossible mission to me..

Thats why I thought about writing this blog post, to share with you this practice of daily self love, as an investment you make on your well-being.

For sure taking care of yourself can be an act of self love. Here are some ways of practicing self love in form of self care:

  • spare time to things you love

  • take a bath

  • get yourself a massage

  • go for a walk in nature

  • exercise or move your body in a way that's pleasant to you

  • take care of your health by eating healthy and sustaining a healthy routine

But self love can also take much bigger and impactful forms such as:

  • setting your boundaries

  • say no when you don't want something

  • standing your ground

  • prioritising yourself when necessary

  • surrounding yourself with loving people

  • letting go of toxic relationships

  • letting go of habits which are not good for you

A lack of self love can show itself in the form of insecurities, feelings of not being good enough, loneliness, people pleasing in order to be accepted, co-dependency in relationships, lacking confidence to express your true opinions, over worrying about what other people think and so on...

Loving yourself should always be your priority number one. Then from a place of abundance you can share this with your loved ones rather then depleting yourself of what you already don't have.

So my invitation to you is this: fro the next 28 days I want you to write a list for every day of the month, of the things you did on that day to practice self love. I hope you have at least 3 things in your daily list.

And if you feel like sharing, I would love to get an email from you letting me know how this experiment went!

Much love,

Karol xx

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