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What is Meditation?

If we expect to have no thoughts during meditation then this might be slightly frustrating. The root of the word mind IS a constant flow of thoughts. So what is meditation then? 🤔 💭

Having thoughts and getting carried away by those thoughts are two different things. Meditation is being aware of thoughts coming and then letting them go. It’s like watching cars passing by on a busy road. The cars are the thoughts, the road is the mind. We don’t run after or hop on every car that passes by. We simply observe them passing by.

The same is with meditation, we simply watch thoughts coming and going without letting them affect our emotions (non-reaction). The practice of meditation will eventually help us ACT MINDFULLY instead of REACTING to life situations. Observe my first sentence, it’s a PRACTICE, some days easier some days more difficult not to get carried away in thoughts. But reacting with frustration on those more difficult days is missing the point of meditating.

The ultimate goal of meditation is to free ourselves from the suffering the mind creates. This emotional rollercoaster doesn’t happen because of our thoughts but actually because the way we react to our thoughts. Observing the ups and downs with equanimity is the key to long lasting happiness 💫

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