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Green Shakshuka

Winter time asks for lazy Sunday mornings and nourishing late breakfasts with friends and loved ones. This has been my to go brunch when I decide to sleep in and I want to combine two meals in one (because hey cooking and cleaning takes time) or a breakfast packed with extra goodness after a morning surf or a workout.

So easy and quick to make and it will get you a famous title of breakfast queen (or king)!

WHAT YOU NEED (serves 2)

1 bunch of fresh or frozen spinach

4 eggs

1/2 block of feta cheese (or vegan feta from violife)

Zatar (optional but highly recommended)

Olive oil to cook and to serve

Salt & pepper to taste

Toasted bread to serve


Wash and roughly chop the spinach and set aside (if you're using fresh spinach). If you're using frozen spinach 3-4 cubes should be about the measure. On a frying pan add some olive oil and gently toss the spinach always stirring to cook evenly (on low fire). When the leaves have shrunk (or frozen spinach has melted) add the eggs, feta cheese, salt & pepper. Cover it with the lid until its cooked thoroughly but the yolk is still soft.

In the meantime toast some bread, optionally you can rub a garlic clove on the toast for an extra quick. Turn the stove off, remove the lid, sprinkle some Zatar and extra olive oil. Dip the toast on the soft yolk and have an explosion of flavours! Enjoy!

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